Prof. Dr. rer. physiol. Dr. med. habil. Dipl.-Phys.
Jürgen Kleinschmidt


Curriculum vitae

1944: Born 30.12. in Bublitz/former Eastern Germany.
 Parents Dr. med. Theo Kleinschmidt, physician, and Edith K.
 Married since 1968 with Ingrid K., 2 children (Stefan, Sven).

1964 - 1969: First study (physics) at Universities in Göttingen and Munich,
 Diploma in physics at university of Munich.

1974 - 1977:
Second study (human medicine part 1)
    -    in Munich and
    -    in Marburg (human biology; special fields physiology and biomathematics).
 Promotion (Dr.rer.physiol.) in human biology at university of Marburg.

1978 - 1984:
Habilitation (Dr. med. habil. ~ PhD) at University of Munich upon research project "effects of inhaled ozone in humans".

Since 1990:
 Professor at University of Munich (Institute of Medical Balneology and Climatology)

Special research projects:
- ozone effects,
- heat transfer by peat applications,
- weather and biological reactions,
- sunburn and tanning by UV-applications,
- development and quality control in Spa treatments/ Health Resort Medicine.

1989 KNEIPP-Award of Bad Wörishofen
1992 Research-Award of Bad Kissingen
1995 Boxberger-Award Bad Kissingen
1996 Andrea-Bacci-Award (Parma-Jesolo/Italy)

Awards/committee member:
- Sauna-Award Bielefeld,
- Radon-Award Badgastein,
- Rikli-Award Basel-Atlanta,
- Adam-Award Munich
- Boxberger Award Bad Kissingen

Peer reviewer
- Heilbad und Kurort, Bonn
- Physikalische Therapie, Hamburg
- Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift, Wien
- Naturheilkunde, Karlsruhe
- ARD, Leiden NL

Scientific Network:

- chair of peat commission in German Spa Association (DHV)

- speaker for German standardization organisation (DIN) in CIE, Wien

- Vicepresident in
- - Medical Commission of international Spa Ass. (FEMTEC, Moskau)
- - German Academy of Photobiology and Phototechnology

- member
- - in several working groups and comittees for Spa medicine (Deutscher Heilbäderverband Bonn).
- - in serveral working groups for Photobiology

letzte Änderung: 1 - 2003


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